Ref:61 (1979) 70cms x 44cms

Saga - wrap-round record cover for the Canadian rock band’s album ‘Images at Twilight’



Ref:62 (1984) 70cms x 54cms

The Amtrack Wars - vol II

Ref:65 (1982) 28cms x 46cms

Nightwings SOLD

Ref:64 (1987) 32cms x 57cms

Rumours of Spring

Ref:66 (circa 1973)

23cms x 36cms

untitled SOLD

Ref:63 (1981) 32cms x 50cms

The Jupiter Effect

Ref:69 (1987) 32cms x 57cms

The Challenging Star

Ref:67 (1980) 57cms x 27cms

The Illustrated Man

Ref:68 (1974)

27cms x 35cms

Machines and Men SOLD

Ref:70 (1988)

36.6cms x 48cms

The Chantry Guild

Ref:71 (1981)

40cms x 60cms

The Web between Worlds